We are a property management company that provides our services nationally.


At The Property Zone Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience and service to landlords, agents, clients and tenants.


Our hassle-free solution offers guaranteed rent with no voids, over a sustained period of up to 60 months.




How about guaranteed rent with no stress or the hassle of being a landlord?


Would you like a professional relationship that will gurantee your management fees for up to 60 months?

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Does your company need to house professionals in trusted accomedation?

How we benefit LANDLORDS

The Property Zone are experienced in placing working professionals in shared accommodation. We understand that all Landlords want a guaranteed rental income with no stress. Here at The Property Zone we can provide just that. 

We Promise

  • Rent on time each month without fail

  • No void periods over the agreed term

  • All utilities and council tax paid

  • No more maintenance worries or phone calls

  • We can furnish and decorate to add value to your asset

Steps to work with us:

  1. You tell us a monthly rental amount that you would wish to receive.

  2. We provide an agreement that has been drafted by our solicitors and sets out all of the terms.

  3. We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants.

  4. You receive your guaranteed rent and watch your bank balance grow.

  5. We return your house in great condition at the end of the period.


How we work with LETTING AGENTS

Here at The Property Zone we are specialists in finding professional workers a place to live. The Property Zone are looking to build relationships with letting agents nationally, with a goal of renting out houses on long term contracts. This solution is a win – win arrangement for letting agents.

  • You will receive your tenant finders’ fees from the landlord

  • Management fees received from landlord (If managed fully)

  • Tenant issues resolved

  • We will be responsible for collecting rent

If you are interested in this exciting partnership then please send us any suitable property in our direction. What does a suitable property look like?

  • Licensed HMO properties (or has been in the past)

  • 4 bedrooms or above


How we work with EMPLOYERS

At The Property Zone we specialise in housing corporate clients and working professionals. If this is a service you should require then please get in contact. We can provide the following:

  • Rolling contracts

  • All bills included

  • WIFI

  • Up to date safety measures

  • Communal areas, TV included

  • Washing Machine

  • Like minded professionals housed only

  • £0 Deposit


How we work with INVESTORS

All of our investment deals are at least 20% Return on Investment with a great monthly cash flow. This means it only takes a maximum of 5 years to retrieve all of your initial investment.

At least 20% ROI

What deals to expect:


Rent 2 Rent

Serviced Accommodation

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